Humberto Hernandez-Lopez, Owner

As owner of HHL Insulation, Humberto has always made customer service the focus of the business. Humberto believes in educating the customers so they can feel comfortable with the insulation process. 


Humberto also believes that superb customer service starts with your first phone call and continues throughout the whole process until the customer is fully satisfied.


Humberto is a local Seattle resident and when he is not insulating your home he enjoys fútbol, cycling, swimming, barbecues on the back porch, salsa dancing, and much more.


Humberto keeps a good eye on his business. Often times he is the one who gives the free estimates but he has also been known to get dirty with the crew and help out in the crawl spaces.


You might see Humberto around town, and when you do, you can be sure he is always smiling.


HHL Insulation Field Team

The Field Team is always working hard in crawl spaces and attics making sure it gets clean and nicely insulated. Everyone at HHL appreciates their hard work! And the constant raves from customers lets us know they are doing a great job!